A take a look at of rented cars and trucks at six well wynajem samochodów poznan known European resorts performed via the German automotive union ADAC demonstrated that each forth automobile provided for hire had considerable malfunctions and every tenth car was harmful for driving. This might be referred to as a optimistic examination result using a wonderful reserve as 50% of analyzed automobiles acquired the mark “good” or “very good”. Thoroughly, sixty one rental offices, 26 from them had been the popular models like “Hertz” and “Eurocar” and 35 community renters have been checked.

The principle malfunctions ended up detected in steering control, tire condition and wheel discs on the examined cars and trucks. But the electrics and lights within the the greater part circumstances have been in outstanding point out.

One of the most abominable through the analyzed cars and trucks was Suzuki Samurai, observed out at Turkish vacation resort Sid may perhaps by correct be acknowledged “the vehicle of death”. The car with manufacturing year 1999 while using the operate of almost 140 thousand km turned out to get unsatisfactory in regard of all details setting up from the exterior view of the system and ending together with the state of steering and brakes methods. Incidentally, in accordance to the success conducted past calendar year also Suzuki Samurai from Alanya was referred to as “driving heap of iron scraps”. Generally, vehicles offered for lease in Turkey are distinguished with the totally slovenly and dirty cabin and numerous entire body problems. And in Turkish Kemer there have been some bolts for tightening bolts missing in two tested autos.

For a complete we must always take note that the majority of rented jeeps are in the lousy technological state. A few from nine examined jeeps ended up assessed with unfavorable marks. Most likely in this article we will observe not simply an angle in direction of “not mine” auto, but additionally jeep in customer’s conscience is affiliated with the “immortal” vehicle.

Undoubted exam winner grew to become Avis rent business at Ibiza, provided Reno Clio, which proved to be irreproachable through the technological point of view. Apart from the officers of rent company could supply finish and genuine details on contract conditions and insurance. According to test results as being a full the Spanish renters were being introduced the leaders.